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We’re Back! Live Roller Derby!


Come watch your beloved Salt City Roller Derby in their first bout since 2019! CTRL Salt Delete will be taking on the Fast + Flurrious in a bout themed battle of the snow plows!

Tickets are $8 at the door and kids 12 and under are free!!!Come cheer on your favorite home team.*

All guests are REQUIRED to wear masks upon entry and while in the SRC ARENA GYM. Please try and follow social distancing if possible.

Make sure to snag a new shirt or other items with our brand new logo!

During half time we’ll introduce you to our newest recruits while we get them use to a crowd. They’ll be playing a quick game of sock derby. A game of derby played in socks to keep the focus on how the game is played with out all the falling.

*due to covid-19 Salt City Roller Derby have created to inner league teams “Home Teams” to play against each other until cases go down, and other leagues in the area start up again. This is our solution to bringing roller derby back to Syracuse and still be able to keep our members and fans safe. See less

SCRD Welcomes New Skaters

Today marks the a huge milestone for the league: today, we welcomed a batch of new skaters to SCRD! This small, invite-only bootcamp is our first official training class since 2019. We had a blast going over sticky skating, turns, stops, and more for Week 1, 

End of an Era

We are sad to announce that, as of October 17th, 2020 and after 12 amazing years, we will no longer be able to call The Vault in Shopping Town Mall our home. Through the laughter, tears, broken bones, bruises, new recruit classes, friendships, stressful practices, and team building, we were able to not only come together to play a sport that we all love, but create a family and a community. In the Vault, we lifted each other up when we were at our lowest. We were encouraged to fail, because everyone knew failing meant learning from your mistakes. We also celebrated success, passing skills tests, life milestones on and off the track.

We hosted a CPR clinic put on by our amazing EMTs who never seemed to miss a game. We also hosted NSO and Referee clinics, scrimmages, and even almost hosted a roller disco wedding. Division 1 skaters graced our track and taught us amazing skills within those walls. Every emotion you could ever think of was felt in this space. The league almost disbanded in 2014-2015 but a handful of eager-eyed new skaters never let it happen, and we continued their legacy, coming back stronger than ever in our 2019 season.

We rebranded and became a new league with new missions and goals and just when we seemed to be gaining momentum, Covid-19 hit. We haven’t been able to skate in the Vault since March, when an executive order to shut all malls was given by the state of NY. This was a heartbreaking blow to the league and occurred right after our governing body decided that there would not be a 2021 season. The first time we have been fully together since then was to move everything out of our space. It’s been a hell of a ride, and we all know the future holds so much promise for our league. Even though we have to say good bye to our second home of 12 years, we’re hoping we will be able to say hello to a new home soon.

This is not the end of Salt City Roller Derby. We are still hosting socially distanced and mask-wearing outdoor meet ups, hitting the local trails, and having Zoom parties regularly. We’re actively searching for a new space to call home, and are open to any suggestions or leads anyone in the community has. Covid-19 hit our league hard but through this all we have tried to keep our heads held high and remain true to our mantra…. being strong, proud, and focused.

Love always,

Salt City Roller Derby

Stout Beard Brewing Co. New Beer Release!

Stout Beard Brewing Co. and our team have paired up again for a new beer release for the 2020 season that never was. Following up our original first and only glitter beer in Syracuse, NY Cranberry Jammer is a NEIPA that really packs a citrusy PUNCH.

Intorducing…*DRUM ROLL*…. Juicy Bruisey.

You can catch our newest brewed partnership on tap starting July 3rd at Stout Beard Brewing Co upstairs at 126 Dell St. Syracuse NY in the Westcott neighborhood. This is a limited supply situation so make sure you stock up on Juicy Bruisy before it’s too late! So, hang out with the guys and have a pint, or bring your growlers to get filled and take home. They also will have a limited supply of pre poured cans, and crowlers available.

Be sure to share on social media using #scrd #juicybruisey #stoutbeard and tagging us in your post!

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