Assault City Roller Derby is proud to announce a sponsorship by Stout Beard Brewing company that has resulted in the creation of the area’s first commercially available craft glitter beer called “Cranberry Jammer.” It’s a tough yet sweet cranberry orange sour- brewed with whole oranges, cranberries, and sumac, clocking in at 6% ABV. And of course… a magical spot of glitter as well! The beer makes its debut Saturday May 25th at 9:30pm at Pale and Bucket Pub located at 4744 Onondaga Blvd Syracuse, New York 13219 and will be available exclusively at ACRD events this season while limited supplies last.

“We are fans of the sport and are happy to sponsor such a great group of athletes. We will be streaming the games on our TV from now on. The glitter beer was a fun challenge. I’m glad everyone is happy how it came out. As brewers, besides being full time janitors, we are also chefs so working with a new ingredient is always exciting.”
Mike LeRoy- Brewmaster and co-owner, Stout Beard Brewing Company

“Our league is full of strong women who take pride in the balance we find between intensity and playfulness. When we sat down with the brewers at Stout Beard we wanted to create something that defined us, tasted delicious and stood out. The cranberry packs a sour punch, the orange zest balances that sour with a little citrus and the sparkles…well what better way to define how unique and beautiful my team is?”
Jeanne Celso (Riot Punch) – head of sponsorship, Assault City Roller Derby

The idea to combine glitter with beer may sound crazy, but the buzz and business generated around the swirling and shimmery concoction is no joke. Glitter began appearing in lattes about six months ago, and the trend took off on social media. The sparkles have now reached brewing, and breweries around the nation are now combining sparkles with their suds. The glitter is non-toxic and edible, and does not affect the beer’s taste, just its appearance. And no, it does not appear in your pee.

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