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ACRD Featured in “Unanswered Questions” Art Photography B.F.A Exhibition

In addition to the awesome journalism photography and video from Tony Curtis in the past few months, we’ve also had Jes Sheldon working with us for an art photography project! A selection of her photos of us will be on view this Thursday 6-10pm in a joint Art Photography BFA exhibition at Spark Contemporary Art Space on E Fayette St! Details here: Unanswered Questions: Art Photography B.F.A Exhibition – please come check out the show!

Falling Lesson

Falling Lesson

Stitch up your skates. You must trust them

without thinking twice. Breathe in the stink

of your sweat-fried padding & give thanks

for the way it holds your bones intact.

Hit the rink. If your wheels strike the tile

with the clean sound of a well-greased cog

whirring in a machine, set your breath to it.

Ball your hands into fists. Once, Bunny fell

with her fingers out & they were smashed

like soft roots under another girl’s wheels.

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Fresh Meat Files: Derby Girl

I want to try and capture the weird place I am in with skating roller derby. I’ll call it ‘The Intermediate Skater’, not yet on the team, but skating with the team, desperately trying to keep up. It was a huge step for me just signing up for the first “fresh meat” class where I learned to skate in June. Now I find myself in the middle of a sport that is so much more than a sport. It is a culture. It is a sisterhood. It becomes part of who you are and what you do every day even when you’re not on the track. Some days it is like falling in love – amazing, empowering, fulfilling. Other days it is like drowning – frustrating, desparaging, defeating. Either way – an obsession.

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The Beauty of Barely Making It

Every skater has an origin story. I fell in love with roller derby a little over a year ago, when I went with a friend to see Assault City play in a local bout. Even though the venue and audience were small, the game was electric to watch. The leaping and dodging, the teammates who flung one another across the track, the strange and exciting sight of women’s bodies smashing into one another at high speeds—it clicked with me in a fundamental, primal way.

“Maybe I’ll try out,” I said, half-joking, on the car ride back.

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