If you’d like to skate and make a direct impact on bouts without actually physically impacting people, consider refereeing! Our team in stripes make sure everyone stays safe on the track while enforcing the rules.  Refereeing takes a lot of dedication and hard work but it’s a lot of fun.

NSO (Non-Skating Official)

Photo credit: David Stasiak

As an NSO, you will make sure our bouts actually run. Our skilled NSOs really provide valuable services to help both teams understand what is happening during   This is an excellent role for anyone that wants to learn more about and master the rules and procedures of roller derby.

Example positions may include:

  • Lineup tracking


Salt City’s Jean Cena and Roc City’s Cashman announce a bout together.

For a little bit of everything else, we have our intrepid task force of dedicated volunteers. Do you have a specific talent to bring to the table? We can always use a little help!

Example volunteer opportunities include, but are not limited to:

  • Photography
  • Announcing
  • EMT/certified medical personnel